Welcome to River City Plumbing

Dan Blume with River City Plumbing is a plumbing and repiping expert in Portland Oregon

River City Plumbing specializes in replacing old water pipes that are creating problems in older homes. Replacing any old galvanized or corroded pipes will improve flow and reduce contaminants in your water supply.

rusty pipe interior

Signs of failing pipes include:

  • low water pressure,
  • rusty colored water,
  • particles coming out of the faucet,
  • lead in the water
  • leaky pipes.

If you see rust spots on your pipes or on the floor beneath the pipes, you have had plumbing leaks. Your worn-out pipes are replaced to code with either PEX pipes or copper pipes joined with lead-free solder.

Don’t let an older home prevent you from enjoying modern amenities!  River City Plumbing can easily plumb another bath, attach a new dishwasher, or add a new water line to an energy efficient refrigerator with ice maker.

River City Plumbing is unique in that all the work performed in your home is personally completed by Dan Blume, the owner/operator. A crew of strangers will never enter your home!

Call Dan anytime to schedule a free evaluation of your plumbing system or estimates on an upcoming project.

Fantastic! Dan did an excellent job for us and is a pleasure to work with. We recommend him to anyone looking for a plumber!

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